Friday, May 23, 2008

beaters and rickrack

I seriously think one of my best childhood memories is of watching bowlside in the kitchen as my mom baked (she was a cake decorator), and my anticipation of being handed the ultimate reward for my patience...a batter covered beater. Heaven on Earth. I perfected the art of wriggling my tounge and fingers just so, so that every last tiny speck of batter made it's way into my mouth. So, as I made my favorite brownies this week, I remembered the glory of licking beaters as I watched my two youngest stare in awe as I mixed. I handed them over, and Stella and Ty looked at me as though I had surely made some mistake, and would momentarily come to my senses and yank them out of their grasp. When it finally sunk in that they could actually LICK them, they went to town. Ty quickly dubbed it his "chocolate sucker". I honestly think they toted them around the kitchen for over 30 minutes.


On to the rickrack. I have some old fabric I am trying to use up, so decided to stitch up a few play dresses for Stella. The first attempt started out as a pattern, but I went off on some crazy tangent, and wound up with a far different dress. Yeah, my improvising skills are a bit rusty, but Stella was giddy all the same.





Anonymous said...

I can't get over how CUTE your kids are!!! :) And your photos are wonderful! I remember licking the beaters - to tell you the truth I think I maybe did that last time I was home visiting my parents! haha

lissilulu said...

oh for the love of beaters. :o)
I just read your whole front page. LOL!
If you didn't know from visiting my blog; Lissilulu, I have five kids too. Love your sewing: dutch costumes and the dress you made a few posts ago.
Come visit again,

Amy J said...

I have to confess, I still sneak beaters as well. :)

Lissilulu, so nice to find other mama's of many!

Sarah and Jack said...

Isn't she gorgeous?!?!?

Anonymous said...

hello! this is my first time visiting (as I just read your very nice post on my shoes (see kai run) (thank you!). i am so inspired by your experiences! i wish i had time to read every entry, but i'm supposed to be working right now. i just wanted to say 'hello' and thank you for sharing your experiences with the world! it does make everyone feel a little less isolated in this sometimes isolated world we live in. i love your sense of style and hope that someday i will learn to use the sewing machine i have downstairs and will be able to make things for my children. one last thing - the egg beater photo is perhaps the best photograph of children i've ever seen!!