Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A market birthday

Javen's birthday was on Saturday, the same day as the local farmer's market. Our little guy is obsessed with cooking and food, so I made that the theme for the day. The morning started with him opening a cooking apron I sewed for him...which he loved! Then we went to the local market, and watched a chef demonstration, and my awesome husband talked to the chef, and Javen got called up as an assistant!!! I seriously think it was the highlight of his life. Then we picked out strawberries and Javen baked his birthday cake from scratch, Strawberry Country Cake. It so so incredibly good, the lemon zest really makes this recipe, I doubled it and omitted the orange zest. Javen's procclaimation at the end of the day dubbing it "the best day of my life" was really a great reminder of how important love, time, and one on one attention are the best gifts a kid can hope for.







Sarri said...

Amy, that is SO cool! How fun for him. What a sweet little guy!

elliebelle said...

Fantastic photos! I think it is great such a little guy loves cooking. I have yet to learn how! haha...

Thimbleina said...

Happy Birthday Javen.

lissilulu said...

oh.my.gosh!...that cake looks soooooo good.
thanks for visiting my blog and loving the bag. hehe
I will be back to visit more.

Dyan said...

Your little guy looks like he's having the best day ever and lucky to be the chef's assistant for the day. The strawberry/lemon cake looks absolutely yummmy- especially with the fresh strawberries.

Amanda Thomas said...

Hey there Amy,

totally hearing you on spending time with the little kids and it making their day - I made a little play/rest nook for my son today he was completely chuffed.

P.S My husband was looking over my shoulder and commented on your photos - tops stuff!